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some gates, automations and fences we have installed to date

We have an estimator who travels around the Greater Geelong area twice a week who can meet you on site or view your fencing or gates requirements while you are at work or play. Quotes for fences or gates are then emailed, posted or faxed to your address. We can also contact your neighbors to advise them of your plan to build a fence adjoining their property for a small fee.

Industrial Security fencing and gates for educational and industrial applications through geelong and beyond. Available in a range of heights and colours. 

Affordable gate automatons by using italian and australian gate automation controls and actuators the ease of push button gate control has never been more accessable. No nonsense gate openers to fully automated sensor controlled setup can be acheived depending on your fence and gate requirements and site conditions.

Greater City Fencing: for your fence and gate requirements throughout geelong

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