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About Us

Installing fencing since 1987. Greater City Fencing. Measuring residential fencing twice weekly and installing 3-5 fences every day means a lot of fences in Geelong are Greater City Fencing. With on staff and contract fencers on the road every day we can install your fence or gates on time and on budget. 

Contact Greater City Fencing about the project you’ve got in mind. Whether its that side fence that’s just about given up being upright, a serious security fence to protect your plant and equipment or a new front fence for a new look at your place.Maybe some new gates or something to open the gates for you when it’s raining? Get in contact with us, get a free quote and get the ball rolling.


while your here, come pat Bolt

A legend of the factory yard, able to eat all lunch scraps in a single sitting, known to catch a rabbit and eat a power tool or two...


REALLY not the sharpest tool in the shed

Greater City Fencing: for your fence and gate requirements throughout geelong

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